Help people become better with your gift.

Trust. It is what you can expect from Community Partners in Action. You can trust that your gift will positively impact people motivated to stay away from prison for good. Through our thirteen programs and support of advocacy for criminal justice reform, your generosity will make real change possible in Connecticut.

I want to tell you about Rolando.

He was motivated to build trust in himself and others. Before he was incarcerated, Rolando didn’t trust that people would stick by him because of the things he had done. Rolando realized that he had to rebuild trust when he left prison. He had to become better.

When it came time for his release, Rolando faced a stark reality: His family was in Puerto Rico and could not help him when he got out. He would have trouble with housing and employment because of his record. So, when a prison counselor told him about Community Partners in Action, he decided to sign up.

The day Rolando was released, he was dropped off at our Hartford Reentry Welcome Center and greeted by Amy, his case manager. She immediately gave him a reentry backpack and a cell phone with pre-paid minutes so he could stay in touch. Amy also arranged emergency housing for Rolando until a permanent home could be found. With Amy’s assistance and encouragement, Rolando’s stark reality began looking better. He became better. Rolando said it took a lot of hard work, but he began rebuilding people’s trust in him. Today, Rolando has two jobs and an apartment he loves.

Rolando’s story shows the importance of building trust to truly make a change. And you can trust Community Partners in Action to utilize your gift for our greatest needs. Unfortunately, state funding alone can’t help us be there for everyone in need. However, your generosity can help us fill the gaps and expand our capacity for providing the service needed by people departing the criminal justice system in Connecticut.

When you make your gift to Community Partners in Action, you will help women and men rebuild the trust of others and become better as they rebuild their lives.

Thank you,

Beth Hines, Executive Director