DEI RFP Answers

1. Does the guidance you seek fall specifically within the Inquiry and Plan components of your DEI journey (Awareness, Inquiry, Plan, Action)? The opening paragraph of the request refers to training, and the outline of your journey is comprehensive, so this clarity on scope will be helpful.

We are seeking a comprehensive journey, including training and the components of Awareness, Inquiry, Plan and Action.

2. Have you embarked on any other aspects of your DEI journey since launching this initiative in June 2020 as outlined in the RFP?

CT Supreme Court Justice Robinson will be facilitating an Implicit Bias Training for the agency at the end of February. Our staff routinely attend cultural competency training and we have issued statements on behalf of the agency condemning systemic racism (e.g. issued a statement last week about the attacks on our democracy at the U.S. Capitol).

3. Has the organization done any previous DEI work (prior to 2020)?

Not really – nothing other than staff training.

4. Is race your primary focus?

Race is our top priority but not our only priority – we are still discussing this.

5. How many employees do you have and how many are in supervisory positions?

155 employees; 30 in leadership roles.

6. Are you conducting a national, regional, and/or local search for a consultancy to work with you on this project? In other words, do you have a preference for where the consulting organization is located?

Our search is focused on CT – we prefer a CT Consultant.

7. How did you identify consulting firms to include in the RFP process?

Google searches; recommendations from our internal DEI Committee comprised of Board Members and Staff.

8. Can you please provide your budget parameters, since this will help with scoping the project?

We have not set budget parameters – we are encouraging responders to propose according to the scope in the RFP and price services accordingly.

9. Are you seeking a grant to help fund this project?

We have not yet discussed this – the cost will drive this decision. We are not opposed to seeking a grant to help fund this project.


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