Reentry Welcome Center


The Hartford Reentry Welcome Center is again open for walk-ins. A face mask is required.
The Reentry Welcome Center is a place where people returning home from prison will feel welcomed and receive support. The Center provides information, referrals, and services related to basic needs, housing, substance misuse, mental health, medical, employment, identification, and so much more. The Center serves people who identify as male, female, neither of these, both, or another gender.

Community Partners in Action has trained staff on-site to assess and meet the immediate needs of all participants. When needed, participants will receive short-term case management to provide additional support while community referrals are being coordinated. Computer and telephone access is available for participants.

Important to the Center’s success are the supports provided by our community partners. They ensure that everyone at the Center receives quality services in a timely manner.

“When we are incarcerated, we are a family. So when we get home, we go to our other family and they don’t know about being incarcerated….They don’t know about the programs that we need.

“If there’s a program that we can come home to, that’s an extended family, that really understands where we are coming from and where we need to go, that would be great. I mean just one place we can go for this support.”

— Person Released from Prison and Living in Greater Hartford

What to Expect at the Center

The Reentry Welcome Center is open to anyone who is formerly incarcerated or who has a family member or friend who has been formerly incarcerated and is seeking basic information on programs and resources. A priority is to provide navigation services for individuals who have been released to the community "end of sentence" (EOS) within the last 90 days. "EOS" means the person is not on Parole and/or Probation upon release. Each participant of the Reentry Welcome Center will be treated with respect and dignity. When an individual is dropped off to the Center by the Department of Correction (CT DOC), they will receive a special orientation and brief assessment to triage their needs and determine next steps.  Some individuals may need to be referred out to additional community providers for specialized services and supports.

Why a Reentry Center?

The Reentry Welcome Center is important because it provides people returning home from prison access to support, information, resources, and referrals to vital services in one location. These services are key to an individual’s successful reintegration back into our community. The Center will provide the necessary services and opportunities for individuals who are seeking the support to help them rebuild their lives, reunify with their families and become productive members of our community. Ultimately, this will create a safer community for all.

Key Partnerships

– City of Hartford
– Department of Correction
– Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
– Greater Hartford Reentry Council
– Career Resources
– 30+ community providers

Programs co-located at the Center:
– Resettlement Program: Long-term reentry case management
– Reentry Treatment Program with InterCommunity Health Care: Substance abuse and mental health treatment

Virginia Lewis
Program Manager
Hartford Reentry Welcome Center
Office: (860) 263-8476

Hartford Reentry Welcome Center

Hartford City Hall, 550 Main Street, Ground Floor

Hartford, CT 06103

Tel: (860) 263-8476

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Waterbury Reentry Welcome Center

Opens Summer 2021