Transitional Housing

Our Transitional Housing Programs are available for men referred by the CT Court Support Services Division (CSSD). The houses each have 29-33 beds and residents stay for up to 90 days. They are designed to feel more like a “home” than a program, which helps the residents to feel comfortable and safe.

While in a Transitional House, residents take ownership for their living environment. The men are responsible for cleaning their rooms and share chores to keep the kitchen, recreation and common rooms neat and orderly.

Residents have access to in-house wellness sessions, such as mindfulness and meditation, preparing nutritious meals on a budget, and healthy relationships. They also give back by participating in community service projects such as the Special Olympics and Hartford Marathon.

The majority of residents attend groups at CPA’s local Alternative in the Community (AIC) program and in the community to address their individualized needs. In preparation for their eventual departure, staff assist residents with finding a job and a place to live.

“When I met with my client last week, he told me that he could not have had a better experience transitioning from DOC to the community, and he felt that it was 100% due to the AIC and Transitional House. In his words, I felt like a human being again because they treated me with the utmost respect.

— Tracy Cerrano, Probation Officer

Enrollment Criteria

To be eligible to live in a CPA Transitional House, the men must be referred by CSSD. Once referred, staff conducts an assessment to determine their housing situation and if they meet the criteria to move into the house. Exceptions are men with severe medical, mental health or substance abuse issues; those individuals are referred to community programs that provide higher levels of care to address their unique needs.

Program Partners

The Transitional Houses’ primary partner is our funder, Judicial Branch - Court Support Services Division. Residents receive services from many of the same community partners who serve local AIC participants: Transitional House Residents (only): - University of Connecticut - YWCA of New Britain - Copper Beach All AIC Participants: - Capital Workforce Partners - The Chrysalis Center - Hartford Adult Education - Waterbury Adult Education Local Shelters Workforce Alliance Wellmore Wheeler Clinic InterCommunity, Inc. Community Renewal Team Safe Haven of Waterbury MCCA Community Health Services Hartford Behavioral Health Catholic Family Services Advocacy Unlimited The MASC Center


Hartford Transitional Housing Program

121 Washington Street

Hartford, CT 06106

Tel: (860) 525-6691

Waterbury Transitional Housing Program

421 East Main Street

Waterbury, CT 06702

Tel: (203) 597-6540