Basic Needs Drive: Amazon Charity Lists

Join us in the spirit of giving by making an in-kind gift from one of the Amazon Charity Lists for Community Partners in Action. To view the lists, log into Amazon Smile (or sign up), select Community Partners in Action as your charity, and you will have access to our Amazon Charity Lists.

List#1: Care Packages for the Homeless

Our Community Service Program at Hartford Community Court manages a Clothes Closet and provides care packages for People in the program and people who are homeless.

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List #2: Reentry Backpacks filled with Basic Needs Items

Our Reentry Welcome Center and Resettlement Program at Hartford City Hall welcome people recently released from prison with a Reentry Backpack filled with toiletries, PPE, and much more.

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Reentry Backpack Drive

Want to run a Reentry Backpack Drive with your group, school, church, or company? We give out 25 to 30 Reentry Backpacks each month and a Drive can help us meet the demand. For more information and a list of items in each backpack, contact Sandra Bradford-Jennings, Development Director,, or 860-271-7198.

Winter Coats and Clothing Donations

Our Community Service Program at Hartford Community Court is accepting donations of winter coats, boots, and accessories for their Clothes Closet that will be given to people in need in the Greater Hartford area.

If you have items to donate, contact Deb Barrows, Program Manager,, OR Sandra Bradford-Jennings, Development Director,, 860-271-7198.