Residential Supports

Transitional Housing 

Transitional housing is a basic need that CPA provides for people who are in want of housing when they are first released from prison, are completing a work-release sentence, or are simply in need of housing while they have a criminal case pending in court. Providing shelter, personal items and meals, CPA’s staff and partners work collaboratively to help participants gain life skills and establish stability and independence in their lives.

Our Locations

CPA has helped thousands of individuals complete their assigned program and subsequently have their court case dismissed.

Hartford Transitional Housing Program

121 Washington Street
Hartford CT 06106
Tel: (860) 525-6691

Waterbury Transitional Housing Program

421 East Main Street
Waterbury CT 06702
Tel: (203) 597-6540


 Mart’s House is a warm, inviting 6-bedroom home in Manchester, CT, that is provided as transitional housing to support stable, sober living for women as they transition from a prison or shelter to their own place to live.

Open since 2008, Mart’s House has a full kitchen, a comfortable living room, a large front porch, and a back yard. Each woman has her own bedroom and works with other residents to keep the house clean. The comfort and safety of a stable living environment helps the women as they work towards living independently.

residential Programs for male youth 

The REGIONS programs provides up to six months of residential treatment for boys ages 14 to 18. We provide a home-like setting that integrates concepts of Dialectical Behavior Therapy into culturally diverse services and the physical environment. The ultimate goal is to use a therapeutic approach to reducing the youths’ risk factors and prevent them from transitioning into the adult justice system. REGIONS services include:

  • In-program School
  • Vocational Training
  • Physical Fitness
  • Enrichment Projects
  • Mental Health & Medical Care

Focusing on the personal strengths of each participant, the staff helps youth develop a positive self-image and effective coping skills, experience positive relationships and personal success, and reenter their communities better equipped to succeed. Family and other supportive individuals in the youth’s life are actively involved throughout their stay. Participants will continue receiving support from REGIONS for several months after discharge.

Our Program Locations

REGIONS Hartford
123 Washington Street
Hartford CT 06106

REGIONS Secure Hamden
995 Sherman Avenue
Hamden CT 06514

Work Release Program

For those men completing the last part of their sentence in the program, Community Partners in Action provides transitional housing, employment assistance, financial education and basic needs support. Working to ensure each individual understands basic banking finances and budgeting, each person in this program is required to pay rent and manage the income received from their work-release employment. Upon completion of the 90 – 120 day program, the residents are well prepared to step into the community’s workforce.

Our Program Location

121 Washington Street
Hartford CT 06106
Tel: (860) 543-8929