In kind donations

Donation Programs

Generous members of our communities donate products and clothing to the Welcome Centers. Individuals working in the Community Service program manage these donations so that they get to the people who need them. In-Kind Giving: Your in-kind donations help us address the basic needs of our participants – food, clothing, transportation, and more. Your donation will help build stability in their lives and save CPA thousands of dollars that can instead support direct services.

If you are interested in donating or learning more about our in-kind donations, please contact

Reentry Backpack Drive:

A Reentry Backpack Drive with co-workers and friends will provide a person returning home from prison with items to address their immediate basic needs. Our reentry backpacks for a man or woman include the backpack, toothpaste, face mask, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, deodorant, face cloth, towels, comb, brush, umbrella, shampoo and conditioner, make-up, and other personal hygiene products.

Clothes Closet:

The Community Service Program Clothes Closet provides quick access to clothes, undergarments, shoes, and winter coats for CPA participants, people coming to the court seeking assistance, Hartford area shelters, and others in need of help. The Clothes Closet is heavily dependent on in-kind donations and accepts new and gently used items for adult men and women of all sizes. New socks, undergarments, boots, winter coats, and larger-size clothes are especially needed.

Care Packages:

Care Packages are distributed to people coming to the court in need and those living on the streets of Hartford. Community Service participants compile and distribute the packages filled with items to address a person’s immediate basic needs, including socks, gloves and hats, snacks, hand sanitizers, masks, and more.

Art supplies drive /donation

If you are interested in donating or learning more about our Reentry Backpack Drives, contact You can also check out our Amazon Smile Charity Lists.

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