Local Marathoner Runs for CPA’s Culinary Training Program

Local marathoner and owner of the Pond House Cafe, Louis Lista, celebrated his 60th birthday by running the Philadelphia Marathon. Leading up to the event, he raised tens of thousands of dollars for the “Run Louis Run” fundraiser supporting CPA’s Culinary Training Program It was “a good tie-in and way to raise money for the program and a way to motivate me to accomplish something I wanted to accomplish when I was 60,” Lista said.

“At our other restaurant, Zest 280, we work with Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Billings Forge Café. We are doing a culinary training program for people who are coming out of prison. They start with 10 weeks at Billings Forge and then they come over to Zest 280 and we do 10 to 12 weeks with them. The goal is once they get done with both programs they’re able to find jobs in the culinary field,” said Lista.

Learn more about the “Run Louis Run” fundraiser here!