Longtime Donors Share Why They Give

by | Dec 9, 2022

During our Annual Appeal, it is always gratifying to receive a heartfelt letter from a donor. BettyAnne Migliara shares why she and her husband Joe believe in our mission.

It did not take long for Joe and me to get a picture of the positive results Community Partners in Action (CPA) has on formerly incarcerated individuals in the Hartford area. It was through our niece, Deb Rogala, CPA’s Operations Director that we attended our first luncheon and auction where we heard firsthand accounts of how CPA has impacted lives. Joe and I underestimated the hard road ahead for former inmates and what it takes to build a life once outside of prison.

We believe you do not have to know someone that has been incarcerated to support an organization that has proven itself in its mission. CPA is a role model for every inner city that is dealing with problems of recidivism.

The healing journey begins pre-release through CPA’s Prison Arts Program where people discover dormant talent in the arts, nudged awake through their own creative process, which in turn builds confidence and belief in themselves. And that made us BELIEVE in CPA.

Joe and I are fortunate and blessed to be able to donate to organizations near our hometown in Baltimore where we feel it will make a difference. Our initial gift of $25 at that CPA luncheon over twenty years ago has steadily increased over the years. For us, giving to CPA is the easy part – it the employees and volunteers who bring ownership to those they assist – who should be applauded and recognized. CPA’s track record of success is beyond impressive.

Individuals that walk through the doors of CPA walk out with life skills. They are literally “saving lives”.