Community Partners in Action’s (CPA) 23rd Annual Reentry Halloween (Virtual) Celebration was a success!
Close to 60 people joined us. It was a night of passion and hope that was felt by all of us.

We raised over $22,000 dollars for our Reentry Services, including over $1400 during and after the event. This is by far the most ever raised in the 23-year history of the Reentry Halloween Brunch fundraisers.

You can still watch the event on Community Partners in Action’s YouTube channel. We hope that you do!

You will hear from:

Rolando, a participant in our Hartford Reentry Welcome Center, shares his story of resilience and determination.

CPA Reentry Housing Partners, who banded together during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure everyone had a place to live on the day of their release.

Michelle, sister of the late Jamal Butler, who is accepting the Sister Nancy Audette Outstanding Achievement Award on his behalf, and staff from the Pond House Cafe that worked with Jamal for seven years.

CPA staff from our Reentry Programs will share their passion for the work they do.

Bonus! The Judy Dworin Performance Project performs a segment from New Beginnings.

Thank you, everyone!