Welcome Lizzette Irizarry

by | Aug 4, 2023

Community Partners in Action is thrilled to welcome our new intern, Lizzette Irizarry (Lizzy), who will help to expand CPA’s expanding advocacy work and relationships with area nonprofit organizations. In her role, Lizzy will also work on developing our national foundation research and donor outreach.

Hailing from Groton, Connecticut, Lizzy recently graduated from UConn with a bachelor’s degree in Latino Studies and a minor in Africana Studies.

Next, she will pursue her master’s degree in public administration at UConn Hartford. Alongside her academic pursuits, she is diving into her second year as a tutor at the Writing Center on campus. At the center, she works closely with her colleagues to create a collaborative space that welcomes the lived experiences and cultures of all students within their writing process and the greater UConn community.

Lizzy’s commitment to social change and her passion for community empowerment is embedded into the work she pursues. She looks forward to contributing her knowledge and learning from our experienced team to effect meaningful and lasting assistance to our participants. Her background in Latino and Africana studies, as well as her language skills, will undoubtedly strengthen our organization’s efforts to connect with diverse communities and advocate for positive change.

With a heritage spanning from both Peruvian and Puerto Rican cultures, Lizzy’s personal experiences have reinforced the importance of embracing diversity and building a sense of belonging in personal and professional spaces. As a multilingual individual, fluent in Spanish and proficient in French, she aims to bridge cultural gaps.

Outside of her academic and professional commitments, Lizzy enjoys nature walks, photography, cooking new recipes, and traveling. This past summer, she was able to visit her loved ones in Puerto Rico and cherish the sights and sounds of the island. She hopes to return in the near future to spend more time with her abuela.

We are excited to have Lizzy on board and are confident that her passion, skills, and dedication will make a significant impact. Welcome, Lizzy!”