CPA Programs

At Community Partners in Action, we provide an integrated set of programs that allow people to emerge from the justice system and prosper in the community. Driven by a comprehensive case management approach, our programs include therapeutic interventions, basic needs assistance, education, and workforce development. Services are provided pre-trial, in-prison, and post release.


Prison is not always the answer. Working closely with the courts and probation, we offer alternatives to prison so that people can stay in the community.

Alternatives In The Community (AICs)
Alternative in the Community Programs (AIC) help people work toward behavior change while meeting their basic needs.

Community Service
Individuals referred to us by the courts are guided to find a community service project that enables them to give back to the community while fulfilling their mandated service requirements.

Early Screening & Intervention Unit
This program works to identify the underlying causes for criminal activity for people appearing in Superior Court for low-level crimes and connects the individuals to community resources for support and assistance.


Through the creative process, learning and growth is achieved. Our engaging programs provide positive enrichment services, including art and music, yoga, dance, pet therapy, and life skills.

Prison Arts Program
Our longest running program, this nationally recognized arts program offers a multifaceted creative outlet for incarcerated individuals, correspondence programs, an annual show and both permanent and rotating exhibitions of artwork across the state.

Juvenile Detention Enrichment Program For Youth
A wide ranging program of arts, sports, and engagement programs to assist youth involved in the justice system. Youth involvement in the varied programming helps develop coping skills and promotes healthy interactions within families and in the wider community.


For people newly released from prison, reentry can be overwhelming. They face an uphill battle in reconnecting with community and family. We help participants address their basic needs and connect to essential services.

Reentry Welcome Centers in Hartford & Waterbury
Offering a wide spectrum of support services, our two Reentry and Welcome Centers serve as model programs for other states across the nation.
Resettlement Programs
Community Partners in Action provides a Resettlement Program that offers pre and post-release case management,  transitional housing, basic needs, reunification services, as well as treatment for substance abuse and mental health needs.


CPA provides services in a residential setting for people who are reentering society or are in need while awaiting a court date, as well as for youth impacted by the justice system.

Transitional Housing Programs
Transitional housing is a basic need for many. CPA provides housing for people when they are first released from prison, for those who are completing a work-release sentence, or for those who are in need of housing while they have a case pending in court. CPA provides transitional housing and support services in Hartford and Waterbury.

Work Release Program
The Work Release Program allows men to be released to the community during the last months of their sentence. The program emphasizes employment preparation, job search, and financial literacy in a residential setting. Men in the program receive assistance with their basic needs and finding housing in preparation for leaving the program.

REGIONS Programs For Youth
A residential program to assist youth involved in the justice system, the REGIONS program offers a safe and supported space for young men. Therapeutic programs range from educational to recreational, following the tenants of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Mart’s House
A transitional residential program for up to six women enrolled in CPA’s Hartford area reentry services. Mart’s house provides a safe, secure place in a home-like setting where women can heal and prepare to live independently in their own home.

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