CPA’s Barrows and Taylor Appointed to Community Engagement Board

Our employees are our strongest advocates for our participants’ rights and dignity.  

With this being National Women’s History Month, we are incredibly proud to announce the appointments of CPA’s Deb Barrows and Ann Taylor to the Community Engagement Board of the CT Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ).

The board’s goal is to foster a sense of belonging and mutual understanding between the public and those responsible for preserving public safety and protecting our liberty.

As a board member, Deb and Ann will have the opportunity to advise DCJ, from both a citizen and professional perspective, about our criminal justice system’s critical issues that impact the vitality and health of our communities.  

Deb Barrows is the Program Manager for our Community Service Program at Hartford Community Court and has been with CPA for 14 years.

“The continued success of the Hartford Community Court Community Service Program has a great deal to do with Deb’s knowledge, empathy, commitment, and perseverance.

Under her leadership, the program has expanded ten-fold to include assisting people who are homeless and providing a wide array of services for the Hartford community.”

Beth Hines, CPA Executive Director

Ann Taylor has been with CPA for 13 years, including three years as Resource Coordinator for the DCJ’s Early Screening and Prevention Program Unit at Waterbury Superior Court.

“Ann has been instrumental in piloting the Waterbury unit and setting standards of excellence for the program.

She demonstrates passion and commitment to her job every day, a strength she will bring to the Community Engagement Board.”

Beth Hines, CPA Executive Director

Congratulations, Deb and Ann!