CPA’s COVID-19 Response

During this unprecedented time in the world, Community Partners in Action continues to operate around the clock, because people need our help.

We know you are cheering us on, and we appreciate it so much! The health and safety of our participants and staff is our highest priority and we want to update you on how we continue to provide critical services while following CDC guidelines to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Reentry Welcome Center
and Resettlement Program

We transferred the Center’s number to staff cell phones so they can stay connected to participants. Staff is triaging calls and coordinating each individual’s reentry needs with our community partners, who are also providing services via phone.

DOC’s reentry coordinators pre-screen people before their arrival, allowing our staff to begin individual service plans remotely. Each time the DOC drops off a newly released individual, the staff are at the Center to welcome them home and meet their critical needs, such as housing, food, etc.

Alternative in the Community
and Community Service Programs

Juvenile 2

We implemented a temporary reduction in services and shifted most non-residential programs to remote phone services so participants can continue to make progress in achieving their goals.

Our Community Service Program at Hartford Community Court is not operating because this court is currently closed.

Transitional Houses
and Work Release Program

Our dedicated employees continue to staff our residential programs 24/7. We are ensuring the needs of the men in our care are met and they feel a sense of normalcy during this challenging time. Currently, there are 60 men, total, living in our three residential programs.

Many of our residents who were working recently lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, we are enhancing our in-residence programming and working closely with local American Job Centers to help them find alternative employment.

Mart’s House
Reentry Home for Women

The new Mart’s House currently has five residents. Before the COVID-19 health crisis, all five of the women were employed and helping to support the operation of the home by paying modest rents. Unfortunately, three of the five women were laid off.

As always, the women will continue to live in Mart’s House as long as they need to, and we are working with them to find alternative employment.


After months of training, preparation, and a successful open house, we delayed the March opening of the new REGIONS Program in Hartford because of the COVID-19 crisis. Once opened, REGIONS will provide residential treatment services for young men ages 14 to 18.

While waiting for the program to open, the future participants continue to receive support in the REGIONS units inside the Juvenile Detention Centers

Prison Arts Program

Outside volunteers and professional partners are temporarily prohibited from entering CT Correctional Institutions.

Much of the artwork for this year’s Annual Show at the Mark Twain House and Museum is already collected from the prisons. Planning will continue for show dates later this year.

What’s Next? The number of emergency needs for participants is growing daily and they are increasingly a challenge to address. We will let you know more about them and how you can help in our next update.