Executive Director Confirmed as CT Judge

The Hon. Maureen Price-Boreland


With great pride, Community Partners in Action announces that Executive Director Maureen Price-Boreland, JD, was confirmed as a Superior Court Judge for the State of Connecticut.

Price-Boreland joined CPA in 1986 and has been Executive Director for the past 21 years. She was the first female, first African American and first non-clergy person to lead the agency.

During her three decades at CPA, Price-Boreland fostered an agency culture based on the beliefs that 1) people can change, 2) a person is better than the worst thing they have ever done, 3) others should always be treat with dignity and respect, and 4) everyone deserves a second chance.

Her extensive background will provide a unique viewpoint in criminal justice cases.

“Maureen Price-Boreland brings a diverse world of experience to the bench. From managing an agency to teaching criminal law, she has been and will continue to balance practicality and a keen understanding of the law.

“Most importantly, Price-Boreland brings integrity of purpose, dedication to the citizens of this State and respect for anyone who comes before the Court.”

-The Hon. Anne Dranginis, CPA Board Chair
CT Appellate Court Judge (Ret.)
Member, Pullman & Comley, LLC

As Executive Director, Price-Boreland ushered in a fundamental shift in CPA’s focus towards community-based intervention and alternative to incarceration services.

Since then, Price-Boreland has led the dedicated staff of CPA through many program innovations in response to the growing research on effective restorative justice practices.

Under Price-Boreland’s leadership, partnerships became central to CPA’s work.

This includes long-term relationships with the CT Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (CSSD) and CT Department of Correction (DOC) as well as collaborations with businesses, non-profits and foundations.

Price-Boreland’s most recent innovation is the upcoming July 2018 opening of the “Welcome Home Resource Center”, the first reentry center in Hartford.

Funded by an Innovation Grant from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, she successfully collaborated with the City of Hartford, Greater Hartford Reentry Council, CSSD, DOC, Central Connecticut State University and others to make what was once only a vision become a reality.

During the period that the CPA Board searches for a new Executive Director, Sherry Manetta will be the Interim Executive Director.

Ms. Manetta has a long history with the agency, having served as CPA’s first female Board Chair. Her commitment to CPA’s mission, extensive leadership experience, and expertise in organization strategy, finance, operations and technology will ensure a smooth transition to CPA’s next Executive Director.