News Show “The Race 2020” Features Community Partners in Action.

Community Partners in Action is featured in the Jan. 26th episode of Sunday news show “The Race 2020“.

The episode is titled “How one nonprofit is helping former inmates stay out of the prison system for good,and is the first of a four-part series on Justice Reform in America.

The interviews with host Chris Stewart convey a strong message of hope and resilience. We are grateful to Jesus Gonzalez, Victoria Steele and Stephanie Harris for their willingness to share their personal stories and show how people can change their lives if they have help and support.

We also want to recognize CPA Executive Director Beth Hines and CPA Program Manager Virginia Lewis, who were powerful advocates in the story for the people we serve.

The Race 2020 is an award-winning Sunday political news show that brings viewers a balanced, in-depth look at the issues shaping the 2020 presidential election. The show is produced by Scripps Media, which owns stations in 40+ markets nationally, including WPIX 11 in New York City. The clip below is from The Race 2020’s Youtube Channel. You can also watch the segment and read the show’s transcript at