“I didn’t want to struggle.”

No one should. You can help.

Because of people like you, Community Partners in Action helps thousands of men and women each year receive the support they need to break their cycle of incarceration.

“I didn’t want to struggle when I got out”.

That’s what Torell told himself while sitting in his prison cell. He will be the first to tell you that “he wasn’t thinking right” when he was a teenager in our Alternative in the Community Program. When a probation violation sent Torell back to prison, he decided, “Something has to change”.

Torell vowed that once released, he would finish earning his high school diploma and find a good job so he would not struggle. And Torell came back to Community Partners in Action MOTIVATED.

When people are motivated like Torell, we need your help even more. Your support helps Community Partners in Action remove the many barriers people face when returning home after prison.

For Torell, a big barrier was transportation.

We offered him an opportunity to enroll in a paid sheet metal fabrication apprenticeship, but it was a 50-mile daily commute. No transportation meant no training and no pathway to a career. So, we helped Torell get his driver’s license and provided him with Uber passes until he saved enough money to buy an old car.

We know how to help people like Torell who are returning home after prison. It truly takes organizations like us and people like you working together to make a difference.

However, state funding alone can’t help us reach all who need help. That pool of money is shrinking just when people with a criminal record need so much help.

That’s why we are asking you to make a gift to Community Partners in Action by December 31st. With a donation as little as $5 per month, you will help us reach many more women and men in need.

You can join us in making an impact.
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